Insights & inspiration

In this lecture I cover various aspects of my workflow and illustrate special techniques used when creating y images. A presentation that is not only educational, but also interactive and inspiring.

For this talk I made a selection of images which all have some kind of story behind them. Some images will lead me to talk about how the picture was taken and what makes it so special to me. Others will bring about a discussion about composition, light, use of filters or special techniques like exposure blending and focus stacking. In addition, a lot of tips and tricks will be offered during the talk. We will travel around the world and occasionally dive into Lightroom or Photoshop.

Contrary to the landscape or Lightroom presentations, this is not a real lecture, but a more inspirational talk, giving you my view on landscape photography, insights in how I work and what techniques I use. Furthermore I also want the public to give their opinion on the topics I discuss, making this presentation a lot more interactive than the other lectures I offer. Finally, the images aim to be inspirational, making you want to go out and take images yourself.