Filters in landscape photography

This presentation discusses the importance and use of filters in landscape photography. I will take about graduated ND filters, ND filters, polarizing filters and bigstoppers.

During this presentation on the usage of filters in landscape photography I will illustrate why filters are necessary, and how and when to use them. Furthermore I will discuss different types of filters, namely graduated neutral density filters, neutral density filters, polarizing filters and “bigstoppers”. We will compare 3 filter systems: LEE, Formatt/Hitech and 84.5mm Filters. Each set will be available during the presentation for all participants to compare and test them. Finally we will also discuss situations where filters are inadequate and exposure blending could offer a solution. Blending images in Photoshop will be illustrated during a live demo.

I will illustrate the theory with my own images. At the end of the talk I will take the time to answer all attendants’ questions. If so desired I can finish the presentation with a slideshow.

This presentation takes about one and a half hour and I can bring a beamer and projection screen if necessary. Afterwards all attendees can download a pdf version of the Powerpoint presentation used during the talk.