Atmospheric aerial photography

Images taken from a balloon, helicopter or with a drone are hard to avoid nowadays. Still, there is a lot involved in taking strong aerial photos or making stable drone videos. As a licensed drone pilot, I make professional images from the sky with great attention to light and ambiance.

Valley of the Scheldt
Winding road in Slovenia
Forest during Autumn

Nature photos from the air

Perfectly still videos that take you on a flight above an amazing landscape or atmospheric images filled with golden rays of light and layers of fog? I like to take aerial photography to the next level.

Want to find out more? Discover a selection of my favourite aerial photos in this portfolio.

Even from the air I am looking for the right atmosphere which can completely transform the landscape.

Forest during Spring

Custom drone photography

Photograph your favorite region in a surprising way? Or looking for a interesting point of view for your marketing campaign? With aerial photography everything is possible.

Are you looking for an aerial photo of a specific location? I can't wait to start flying for you.

Langemeersen from the air

Licensed drone photographer

Everyone can fly a drone today. But you can't just fly it everywhere. Do you want your drone images to be 100% legal in line with Belgian law? Then you've come to the right address:

  •      Trained by the Ben-Air Flight Academy
  •      Registered with the Directorate General for Aviation
  •      Fully insured

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